Australia Pet Food

A beagle standing next to a bowl of food.

Company Profile:

Turnover: AUD $500m
Categories: Pet Food
Region: APAC/Australia
Market Position: Brands are in the Top 3 in their respective categories
RWA Solution: 2-year Pack Price Architecture (PPA) Strategy & Financial Projections

Business Situation:

  • Long term volume declines in core sub category only partially offset by growth in other areas segments
  • Promotion investment historically seen as a key lever but a view that this is executed inefficiently
  • Lack of clarity on role of each of their brands in category
  • Belief there is mix optimisation to be had for category benefit but inability to identify and quantify
  • Higher margin, growth sub category constrained by current architecture
  • Projected COGs headwinds from raw materials
  • Business imperative to deliver growth whilst maintaining profitability ratios at sub category level

What We Delivered:

  • Delivered a Pack, Price Architecture (PPA) strategy and set of 2-year financial forecasts for all areas across 2 main customers
  • Plan delivered incremental top and bottom line growth across all segments for client and customers
  • Addressed Retailer desire to deliver EDLP offer to their customers by identifying and quantifying the right packs and recommended price points
  • Provided clarity on role of brands and the white space opportunities for each
  • 10x ROI in first 12 months identified whilst meeting business profitability objectives down to sub category level

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