FMCG Analytics helps clients optimise growth, share and profits through a combination of world class RGM Strategy and cloud based tools

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RGM Insight & Strategy Consulting

World class FMCG specific RGM Strategy development & execution. Utilising proprietary data sets and unique methodologies, we take a holistic, whole of category approach to understand pricing, promotional, PPA and innovation opportunities. Anchored in understanding unimpacted baselines, cross elasticities, volume flows & net incrementality. Delivered as a multi year set of fully quantified, detailed recommendations.

A complete and holistic understanding of Category performance through a full suite of RGM techniques including Market / Category Volume Analysis, Revenue & Price Dynamics, Composition & Share Trends Analysis, Category Value Ladder Analysis, Multi Data Sales Trend Analysis & Key Sellers Analysis, amongst other techniques.

Providing a shopper & demand led set of pack price architecture, cross retailer analysis, price ratio & partition insights to help determine optimal bench pricing as well as understanding target price ratios for innovation and differentiation by retailer / segment.

An in depth understanding of Category & Promotional Headroom, Sku elasticity by tactic, Shopper Demand Conditionality, Additions and Deletions to understand the role price, pack, flavour, pre / in / cross store promotional visibility has on amplifying or limiting in-week shopper demand, pack recruitment and driving category expandability & headroom.
A deep dive into unimpacted baseline trends, including bench price elasticity, forward buy impacts, shopper switching and cross elasticity insights utilising a range of techniques. Invaluable to understand substitutes, switching, volume flows & net incrementality.
Given the importance of promotional volumes to overall business, we provide clients with detailed insights into promotional price, tactics and conditional elements and how best to generate incremental volume, revenue & margin for both the supplier and category.
Ultimately all of the RGM insights generated are translated into an optimal set of multi year PPA Recommendations and Financial Forecasts for Clients. This includes execution ready promotional calendars, timelines and clear PPA actions by pack and customer. The approach we take flows from unconstrained, optimal recommendations to an agreed plan, factoring in operational and strategic considerations. Clients are supported with a range of outputs to help them execute in market, including Summaries by Pack Group, Golden Rules, Mutual Margin Pools, P+L’s, Financial Waterfalls by key metrics and detailed sku by week inputs for TPM/TPOs.
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Data Lake Creation & Management

Client specific approaches to prepare, transition and integrate a combination of client, market and FMCG Analytics unique data sets, to allow ongoing ability to complete RGM Analysis. Available as initial creation through to ongoing data management and secure storage.
Construction of harmonised ‘Data Lakes’ integrating scan data, distribution, client financial data & FMCG Analytics own digitised data sets (market pricing, promotional display/execution, catalogue data, seasonality, social dynamics). Able to be customised to the unique needs and data sets available within clients.
Optimal RGM analysis requires the development of a set of unimpacted baselines that have relative price of substitutes and forward buy effects removed to establish a true baseline. This is critical to help understand cross elasticity demand flows and ‘net value’ promo / bench price elasticity calculations. FMCG Analytics have developed a best in class approach that allows clients to translate provided scan data into Unimpacted Baselines ongoing.

FMCG Specific RGM Tools​

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A specialist cloud based RGM analysis and reporting tool. A FMCG specific TPO developed in response to client requests to have ongoing access to and capability to reproduce the techniques and methodologies FMCG Analytics utilise in RGM Strategy Consulting Projects. Ability to be serviced by client teams trained by FMCG Analytics or outsourced ongoing.
A complete and holistic understanding of Category performance through a full suite of RGM techniques including Market / Category Volume Analysis, Revenue & Price Dynamics, Composition & Share Trends Analysis, Category Value Ladder Analysis, Multi Data Sales Trend Analysis & Key Sellers Analysis, amongst other techniques.
FMCG Analytics support clients to utilise Marlin for ongoing RGM Cyclical Reviews, dependent on business need and budget. Ability to review Category Performance, Scan / Conditional Actuals vs Forecast by Pack Group / Retailer, Financial Review vs Forecast & Promotional Elasticity & Profitability Reviews. Marlin is particularly useful in updating ongoing Mutual Margin Pools, Client + Retailer P&Ls and understanding mutual margin mix optimisation.
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Real time access & understanding of promotional execution across the marketplace, covering the 5 drivers of promotional demand. Providing a weekly overview of Display, Catalogue, Market Pricing, Clashing and Promotional Execution through a combination of detailed database, display and catalogue image libraries and share of voice reporting. An invaluable tool to understand the quality of your promotional execution.

Access world class talent

Our Data Science Team leads the industry in skill and experience, possessing exceptional data management, mathematical talent, and hands-on retail knowledge.

How we help clients

At the heart of what we do is help companies understand the commercial dynamics of their business and the category through a broad suite of RGM lenses, to identify the optimum strategy and initiatives to grow their top and bottom line, over the short and medium term.

Our work helps companies understand the category as a total set of offers for shoppers and identify where there are opportunities for rationalisation as well as architecture & tiering opportunities for new portfolio plays, PPA and innovation.

We believe that to best execute RGM opportunities that benefit your business, you need a multi year agenda that creates mutual profitability for your business and your customers –  one that allows you to include major RGM initiatives as the bedrock of your JBP / JCP.
Developing great RGM capability is often a journey. We partner with clients to build internal knowledge, skills and systems to ensure businesses benefit over the longer term as well as a result of the immediate intervention.
Promotions are frequently the greatest source of volume for suppliers, up to 80% of total business, yet few suppliers truly understand the execution conditions that generate the highest net incrementality for their business or the category. Our work provides unique insights into how to get better returns from your promotional investment.
Our work covers the mix of Sales and Marketing spend, so it allows commercial teams to understand how best to execute all commercial levers in combination for maximum impact.
In many instances, companies can invest in systems and tools that fail to deliver intended benefits, provide poor user experience, are not fully adopted or integrated. That’s why our cloud based software solutions are all FMCG specific and come supported by detailed implementation, training and client service support.